20 Tips To Prevent Bank Fraud

The banking frauds are used by fraudsters to obtain unauthorized money. The victims are customers. So this post is solely for customers so that they do not fall prey to fraudsters and hackers who are everywhere even on the internet. In the business world, without customers, you can’t run in the market. And when we talk about business how is that possible that there is no involvement of the bank. Banks are the ultimate source of income and payment for companies. When a person has an account, he/she definitely is interested in online shopping. There are now online jobs in which you get paid through the online banking system. Sometimes online banking involves internet fraud in which your personal information of credit card may get stolen. In this post, twenty tips are described to prevent bank fraud that could happen with your account. Go through this post and beware of the fraudulent tricks and tactics highly adopted by scammers.

1- Never Give Information about Your Bank Account on Cell Phone
You have often received phone calls from the bank. Never give your account information on the phone. The fraudsters use phone calls to gather your bank account information.

2- Installthe Bank App in Your Phone
In order to prevent yourself from any kind of bank fraud, install the bank app, and keep it up t date with a secured internet connection.

3- Think of a Good Password
A password with strong strength is necessary for a banking app. But do remember the password you set for your account app.

4- Keep Your Password and Code Secrets
Never reveal your password and code, keep those digits secret. Everything related to your bank account is containing sensitive information.

5- Daily Visit Your Bank Account App
You must regularly visit your bank account app so that you stay up to date with your account. In case if there is any transaction performed you can immediately do necessary actions against it.

6- Keep an Eye on Account Activity More Often
Keep an eye on the activity of your bank account. The emails, texts, and any kind of suspicious links must not receive your attention.

7- Change Your Password Might Prevent Fraud
It is suggested that you need to change your secret code, pin code, and password occasionally so you can keep your account more secure.

8- Never Click on Text Links sent by the Bank Server Machine
The scammers hack bank server and send emails and texts to fool people and steal their personal information. With one click on a spam, a message can cause trouble for you.

9- Avoid Using Online Banking on Other Systems
Never login to your bank account ID on devices that you don’t own. This must consider while using public internet café. You must use your own phone because your account information is sensitive.

10- Always Check ATM Before The Transaction
When you want to perform a transaction, examine the ATM machine well before inserting your card. There is banking fraud known as skimmers that are attached to the ATM machine by fraudsters.

11- Be Aware of Your Surrounding while Performing the Transaction
Robbers are everywhere, be careful of your surroundings when you perform your transaction. The help from strangers in this process might make you in trouble.

12- Never Leave Your Receipt
You might have noticed while doing your transaction that there is a pile of receipts in the trash of the ATM machine box. Never leave your receipt there.

13- If You Lose Your Bank Card Block it
If your wallet is stolen or your card left in the ATM machine or you lost your payment card, report it right after the incident.

14- Be Careful About Phishing
Phishing is done through emails in which you are convinced that the mail you have received is from the bank. Be very aware of this trick and never give your information.

15- Never Leave Blank Space on Your Cheque
This requires your attention, you must not leave any blank spaces on your cheque. The corrupt bank employee might make you a victim of fraud. Always fill your cheque with a permanent blue ink pen.

16- Adopt Necessary Precautions While Doing Online Shopping
You must adopt the necessary precautions while doing online shopping. Online payment can be used for stealing your credit card information.

17- Never Throw Your Bank Documents in the Trash without Discarded Them When you apply for a bank account you are given documents. You might not interested in keeping them but the fact is you must not throw them in the trash without discarded those papers.

18- Have a Secured Internet Connection
A secured internet connection is very necessary for a safe account online banking method. Always note “Http to Https” this presents a secured website.

19- Install Antivirus Software and Keep Your Devices up to Date
You must have installed antivirus software in your electronic devices and keep those devices up to date so that you don’t miss any notification from your bank account.

20- Avoid Using Cheque as Much as Possible
It’s logical and makes a dozen senses. Cheques are widely used for fraud. Your signature can get stolen so a better way to prevent cheque fraud is not to use this kind of banking service at all.

The frauds are widespread and mostly people mislead by the trusted person. You can get tricked by your very trustable person. You must keep your secret information secret especially account information. The bank in which you have an account might have corrupt employees, you will never know.

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