20 People Who Have Done Biggest of Bank Frauds

There are varieties of people present on Earth. Some are famous for their good works and some are famous for their bad works. Then there is a third category that is infamous for being fraudsters. You will have most likely heard of bank frauds. Some bank frauds are planned so tactfully that leave prints on the human mind. Some of us keep thinking that this could even be possible? There are the masterminds behind bank frauds. How good their mind works in evil things. First, the mastermind prepares a plan and then makes a group. The fraudsters spend a few years of their lives in luxury when they are not disclosed. And right after being exposed to the miserable days of their life begin. Here is the list of twenty people who have done the biggest of bank frauds. Some have been successful to flee while some are serving life sentences in jail.

1- Maria Michaela
This woman used to change identity and made a bank fraud of 13 million pounds. Eventually, she got arrested. She conned banks with housing offers on market prices.

2- Nick Leeson
This person is responsible for Barings bank collapse. He was enjoying a double income of his age and the inexperienced trading officer who lost 2.2 billion dollars in risky trades.

3- Dennis Kozlowski
Dennis Kozlowski along with Mark Swartz was the main officer of Tyco international. They made fraud through unauthorized loans and investment banking fees.

4- Salvatore Cacciola
This person was in cooperation with the central bank to hide collapses which caused treasury damage of 1.5 billion dollars. He was sentenced to jail by Brazilian authorities.

5- Nirav Modi
He was a famous designer who involved the employees of Punjab National Bank and got the letter of undertaking. He obtained loans from different banks in India and fled before the case disclosed.

6- Wang Liming and Wang Xiang
These two were workers of China Construction Bank and there was one more with them in the data breach and caused a loss of 2.4 million dollars.

7- Enric Durán
He took loans from almost 39 banks in Spain used this money in movements. He obtained commercial and personal loans without guarantee.

8- Jerome Kerviel
He was a French trader and involved in many fraudulent activities. The known service of his fraud includes data breach, forgery, and unauthorized access to the computer of Societe Generale.

9- Bernard Madoff
He made the biggest fraud ever made by any individual. He made a false scheme and caused the largest investment fraud through the Ponzi scheme.

10-Albert Gonzales
He was the leader of international crimes. The gang was eventually got arrested as they were spread in various parts of the world. The leader of international criminals caused the data breach of the heartland payment system.

11- Kweku Adoboli
He is an investment manager who belonged to Ghana. He was involved in money laundering in UBS Swiss bank. He was accused of trading 2 billion dollars to UBS investment bank.

12- Javier Martin-Artajo and Julien Grout
These two are traders of JP Morgan involved in the manipulation of securities values and falsely increasing the position of marketing just to gain daily bonuses.

13- Viet Quoc Nguyen, Giang Hoang Vu, and David Manuel Santos Da Silva
These men made fraud through breaking into Epsilon email service and this data breach was largest in history. They stole information and caused 4 billion dollars loss.

14- Kazutsugi Nami
He started the biggest scam investment scheme and made fraud by taking loans. Finally, he got arrested and sentenced to jail.

15- Alexander Vinnik
He was the main suspect for the incident of Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange. The hackers gained access to usernames and passwords from the company auditor and stole around 6% of all bitcoin.

16- Brothers George and Austin Bidwell
These two brothers along with two more people made a group of four were con artists. These men caused the bank of England money loss which was almost 10 million pounds. This group was already notorious for bank fraud.

17- Andrei Tyurin This person along with few others made a gang and hacked the bank’s network. The mastermind of JP Morgan Chase was Andrei Tyurin who earned 100 million dollars through fraud.

18- Mukhtar Ablyazov
He was the chairman of Bank Turan Alem of Kazakstan. He made a fraud of 5 billion dollars through banking funds.

19- Alves Reis
He belonged to the Portuguese and did a huge fraud with the bank of Portugal. The incident is well known as the Portuguese banknote crisis. He had access to note printing machines.

20- Rescator
This hacker used his name as Rescator and gained access to login credentials in Target IT’s network. Many people lost their credit card data. The bank suffered 350 million dollars for issuing cards to customers again.

How a story is being telecast on TV impacts us a lot lately. There are some movies and season on robbery, forgery and bank frauds. What people forget that these incidents make huge financial problems for average living people… The movies on fraudsters attract many weak-minded people. Many join gangs to enjoy the benefits of fraud. The real trouble begins when a bank employee is part of such a thing. Few people mentioned above were former businessmen, politicians, and workers in the
respective fields. Reading these stories might make someone feels that bank fraud is easy but its system is responsible for the weak security system.

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