20 Countries With Most Bank Frauds

When we talk about countries then we count famous beautiful places. These places we dream of visiting are due to their landscape beauty and mountain ranges. These countries are famous from the tourism point of view. Now let’s come to reality, all these nature wondering countries come with drawbacks as well. Good and bad people are located everywhere on Earth, right? So these countries are also famous for bank fraud. The bank frauds are not just limited to bank branches only. There is one kind of bank
fraud that happened with the ATM machine. OMG!!! The ultimate sources of money for foreigners everywhere in the world! Here is the list of countries where most bank frauds happen through ATM machines. If you are a traveler and want to visit any of your destined places, be sure to know about the credit card usage there. You need to be careful while using your credit card in these countries. There is no specific order followed here.

1- Canada
Canada is one of the countries where most bank frauds happen. The types of bank fraud that are common in this country are payment card fraud, phone fraud, cheque fraud, and online baking fraud. One of the recent news showed that the Canadian bank itself promotes phone scams.

2- Mexico
Mexico is one of the countries in the world that is infamous for criminal activities. When there is a discussion about crimes then there are also bank frauds. An American lost her life-saving in a Mexican bank.

3- America
Isn’t America claiming to be a superpower in the world? But guess this; in America, the bank fraud rate is notoriously high. Master card fraud is common in the United States of America.

4- Brazil
Brazil which is located in South America is not free from bank fraud. The Central Bank of Brazil reported alleges money transactions. This country has gained popularity in terms of online banking frauds.

A very recent survey in the country of Australia shows that this country has been suffering from increased bank fraud cases. One example could be the commonwealth. The targets of scammers are customers of Australian banks.

6- India
In India, many cases of bank frauds have been reported and the amount that was lost in frauds is huge as well. In the investigation, the employees were found as culprits. Many cases of fraud happened in the same few banks over time.

7- France
Let’s come to the European Union, France famous for Paris; the center of attraction for tourists is not free from online scammers. In this country, bank frauds are common with credit cards.

8- Germany
The cases of bank fraud in Germany are few but the amount which lost is huge. Mostly this country has credit card money fraud.

9- Dubai
Dubai is the main hub for vacations and preferred locations by many travelers. There is an increased rate of bank fraud in the last three years. Police have warned customers not to fall prey to fraudsters.

10- Italy
The bank frauds in Italy are common as well. The bank frauds have caused a million Euros loss. The executives of Italian banks are taken into an investigation for scams.

11- Spain
The bank card fraud is reported more often in Spain. The police in Spain have warned people many times to avid sharing banking details over the internet.

12- Singapore
At the start of this year, the Singapore banks lost 1.6 million dollars. The scammers are present everywhere just like banks are located everywhere.

13- Bulgaria
This country is not far from bank fraud cases. A gang in Bulgaria is reported to be involved in large investment bank fraud.

14- Cambodia
This country has warned travelers for cyber crimes that include the fraud of credit cards. Financial scammers are known to trap visitors.

15- Indonesia
The banks in Indonesia are often involved in political games. However, credit card fraud is frequent in this country. It is a known thing that credit card frauds have been the easiest thing for scammers.

16- Egypt The very source of investigation that is the FBI has funds that most online banking frauds are linked with Egypt. Banks are a hub for fraud all over the world. ATM bank is usually used by scammers for stealing money.

17- Greece
Among other countries, Greece is a beautiful place that deserves a visit, but this country has been reported to have several bank fraud cases.

18- United Kingdom
How is possible that countries with bank frauds do not include the United Kingdom? England has always been victim to bank frauds and faces large bank frauds in history.

19- Romania
In Romania, the bank frauds which are happening now days are money laundering. More than 17 banks have been part of this scheme. The banking frauds were ongoing during the COVID crisis.

20- Russia
Russia has infamous gang roots that have done the largest bank frauds in history. There are wanted criminals who are involved in the hacking of the online banking system.

The most interesting thing is there is proper scientific research on countries with most bank frauds. Actually the range of bank frauds fall into diverse categories that anything happened with “money term” is included in bank frauds. The biggest the country is the more is the rate of bank fraud. These are only twenty countries that are mentioned above but the list goes on and you will be in much shock to read other countries’ names.

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